It's okay to say you don't know

We all feel uncomfortable admitting our weaknesses, especially when it comes to situations where we want to prove ourselves and do not want to appear to be 'stupid'. This often leaves people saying that they know the answer when in fact they do not. This can lead to mistakes and poor performance when a simple admission at the outset is in fact the way to get noticed and improve your performance. 

Party guidelines to survive the annual holiday celebrations

Year-end party season is upon us! Everyone loves a good party but not all parties are created equal and not all parties require the same gusto. Here is a quick guide to enjoying your holiday get-togethers without losing your shining reputation or your cool. Remember in today’s world, what you do on Facebook can affect your career - so here are a few tips to keep your career safe this festive season.

Plotting your Career in Insurance

The insurance industry is very dynamic and known for its fluidity when it comes to candidates changing roles and enhancing their skills and abilities as they progress. Once you have the basic registrations in place, which we covered in a previous article, the sky is the limit when you combine them with hard work and determination. 

The EAW Guide to surviving the Office Party

The end of year is almost here, you have come this far. Don't let the wheels come off now. Follow these 5 guidelines to make sure that you leave your office party with your job, integrity and dignity intact:

What do Job Titles mean?

The financial services industry has a very specific way of categorising staff according to the role they play in the organisation. Depending on the company, they can reflect the person's job or their level in the organisation, and in some instances both. 

Tired of wasting time with the wrong candidate?

Energy at Work (EAW) has a reputation that spans more than nine years and is based on personalised service. This means that each candidate is meticulously selected according to your brief and their skills, personality and experience. EAW saves you time by carefully selecting the candidates suited to the job spec and company culture, EAW ensures that you do not waste time conducting interview after interview without success.