How to leave your old job with panache

It's never easy to resign and leave a job, even if it is because of negative reasons. Leaving behind colleagues who have become friends and the security of your daily routine can make it even more difficult.

Here are 6 ways to ease the process and ensure that you don't burn any bridges: 

The True Value of Company Culture

There is no right or wrong corporate culture, only the best culture fit for your personality.

If you find yourself working in a business with a company culture that leaves you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled despite a hefty pay cheque then you might consider finding a company that resonates with your personality.

How to retain staff over the holidays

With the holiday season around the corner, many businesses are already feeling the heat when it comes to getting things done in time and preparing for year-end tasks.

Since it's a proven fact that the holiday period poses the highest risk for staff deciding to resign, here are six tips to help you end the year off on a high note: 

Maximising your LinkedIn profile

Social Media has become a big part of modern culture.

Even if you don't use it to post personal messages or thoughts, many people use it to keep abreast with the latest news and trends. And just like it connects people in their personal lives it also connects people professionally. 

SARS and you

Taxes play an important role in keeping things running in your neighbourhood and our country.

Keeping our local roads, police force, local schools, parks, infrastructure and all kinds of services we sometimes take for granted - are all sustained with taxes. Even things like sports teams and skills development require taxes to run, without taxes our country could not function at all. 

How to Prepare for Unexpected Career Opportunities

A new year is on the horizon - 25% of South Africans are looking for a new job opportunity (Active) and 75% of South Africans are not (passive). 

Never underestimate your unique skills and experience. Plum opportunities come our way daily and we always look for the best person for the position. Call EAW today: 011 793 6780 to join our roster of candidates, if you are already registered with us ensure that we receive regular updates of your CV.