Plotting your Career in Insurance

The insurance industry is very dynamic and known for its fluidity when it comes to candidates changing roles and enhancing their skills and abilities as they progress. Once you have the basic registrations in place, which we covered in a previous article, the sky is the limit when you combine them with hard work and determination. 

Here are 4 career paths and how they can carry you forward in your career. Each them offers a wide variety of options for growth:

1. Sales

Where you’ll start: Junior Broker or Customer Service Representative

Make your mark by working hard, furthering your certifications and proving your dedication. Sales is a good place to begin your career before moving on to other areas or stay put to build yourself up to supervisor or management levels. It can also very financially rewarding.

2. Underwriting

Where you’ll start: Underwriting Assistant or Junior Underwriter

In this area, relationship building with brokers is key to establishing yourself. Added to this, efficiency and a systematic approach are pillars to your success. As your career develops you might find yourself specialising in specific types of policies, earning greater responsibility and diversifying your career by moving into other areas.

3. Claims

Where you’ll start: Telephone Adjuster, Contact Centre Representative or Assistant Field Adjuster

To prove your ability and take your career forward, you will need to prove your efficiency and hone your fraud detection skills. As you grow there are many levels within this division to aspire to, including management. There is also the option to become an Independent Adjustor working for multiple insurance companies to pick up the slack when their work flow exceeds their capacity.

4. Actuary

Where you’ll start: Intern or Junior Actuary

Since this path requires academic study, you'll need to acquire the necessary qualifications and then build on them by learning the ropes as you enhance your experience and do the necessary exams to earn your stripes. As you progress you will find yourself working on more complex projects and guiding the organisation in product development and innovation.

If you see yourself in one of these exciting roles or want to power your career in insurance forward then call EAW today: 011 793 6780 today.