How We Work

At EAWP we are dedicated to fostering innovation through our comprehensive contact centre solutions, enhancing customer service, strengthening brands, and ensuring cost-efficiency and operational stability.

We supply a full scope of BPO services and solutions to businesses across all major sectors, with a specialisation in Finances (Insurance and Banking), and Telecommunications. These services include solutions for performance management, resourcing, transfer of IP analytics, SLA Management and Human Resources.

Our skilled talent pool and advanced technological solutions aid clients in achieving exceptional outcomes. With over 18 years of experience, we offer a range of services including customer support and outbound sales, underpinned by a wealth of knowledge and intellectual property.

Our team is committed to delivering top-tier customer experiences, contributing to business growth, efficiency, and cost savings.

We regularly monitor our Customer Service Index (CSI) to maintain our high standards and engage closely with stakeholders for continuous improvement.

Our Unique BPO Offering Provides

Customer Support and Service

Customer Support and Service
Handling customer inquiries, complaints, and providing assistance through various channels such as phone, email, chat, and social media.

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales
Receiving and processing orders, upselling or cross-selling products or services to incoming customers.

Outbound Sales

Outbound Sales
Initiating sales calls or reaching out to potential customers to promote products or services.


Leveraging our expertise and strategic approaches to effectively manage and recover outstanding debts while maintaining positive customer relationships.

Data Entry and Management

Data Entry and Management
Entering and managing data, such as customer information, transactions, and records.

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)
Managing HR functions including recruitment, onboarding, payroll administration, benefits management, and employee relations.

Technical Support

Technical Support
Providing technical assistance and troubleshooting for products or services.

Back-Office Operations

Back-Office Operations
Performing administrative tasks like document management, invoice processing, and order fulfilment.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing
Evaluating calls and managing compliance requirements according to our clients measurables.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation
Identifying potential customers and generating interest or inquiries about products or services.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance
Be it onshore, offshore, nearshore, or remote working, we provide modern omnichannel technologies, people, processes, and infrastructures that build value across every customer interaction, on all channels.

E-Commerce Support

E-Commerce Support
Managing online store operations, including order processing, inventory management and customer inquiries.

Our BPO Supporting Engines

Training and Enablement

Training and Enablement

Benefit from our Training Academy's vast experience, as we offer training solutions that cover FAIS compliance, soft skills, product knowledge, sales techniques, quality assurance best practices, and more. We empower your staff with the skills they need to excel in their roles, and this training can also be extended to your team.
Risk and Execution Management

Risk and Execution Management

Our Risk Management division employs an Employee Verification System that has been finely tuned to address complex environments like FAIS. Partnering with our sister company, Click and Hire, we streamline the Employee Risk Verification process, reducing the timeline from months to days.
FAIS Vetting

FAIS Vetting

Experience rapid FAIS sign-offs with our Pre-Vet FAIS packs service. Our expert team slashes the average sign-off time from 3 months to an impressive 72 hours. Our meticulous processes and industry knowledge ensure a remarkable 99% success rate in gaining client sign-offs.


Energy at Work Projects accelerates the onboarding process for bulk staffing projects. We've streamlined the process from recruitment to FAIS sign-off, ensuring that FAIS-related roles take only 1 month for onboarding, while non-FAIS roles are completed in just 1 week.
EAW Reporting

EAW Reporting

Our data analytics and reporting services offer in-depth insights that empower strategic decision-making. With a knack for innovative thinking and a keen ability to decipher data nuances, we stand out as pioneers in delivering actionable intelligence that drives superior performance.
Our Commitment to People

Our Commitment to People

At Energy at Work Projects, we believe in investing in people who represent your brand with expertise and dedication. Our culture revolves around the principles of Energy, Passion, and the Human Touch. We're committed to fostering a sense of pride and excellence in all aspects of our work.

Key Features of our BPO Services Include:

Omnichannel Approach

In today's digital age, customers expect seamless experiences across multiple channels. Our contact center solutions embrace an omnichannel approach, ensuring that your customers can interact with your business through their preferred channels, including voice, chat, email, social media, and more.

This comprehensive approach enables you to deliver consistent and personalised service across all touchpoints. By choosing EAWP for your contact center solutions, you gain access to our expertise, advanced technology integration, and a customer-centric approach that sets you apart from your competition.

Together, we can elevate your customer service, build a strong brand reputation, and drive sustainable growth. Partner with EAWP for unmatched BPO services that drive results, elevate customer experiences, and position your brand at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your business.

Unique Recruitment Methodologies

We leverage our proven recruitment methodologies to identify and source top talent for your contact centre. Our process ensures that we match individuals who possess the right skills, cultural fit, and customer-centric mindset.

This enables you to build a high-performing team that consistently delivers exceptional service.

Advanced Technology Integration

Technology plays a crucial role in optimising contact centre operations. We leverage cutting-edge contact centre technologies to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and improve customer interactions.

From advanced call centre software to omnichannel engagement platforms, we ensure that you have the right tools to deliver exceptional service across multiple channels.

Qualified and Experienced Talent Pool

Our talent pool comprises qualified and experienced specialist IP resources who bring industry-specific expertise to your contact centre operations.

These professionals are equipped to handle various customer service and sales scenarios, ensuring that your customers receive the support and assistance they need.

Employee Wellness and Development

We believe that a happy and motivated workforce is essential for delivering exceptional customer service. Our focus on employee wellness and development creates an employee-centric culture that fosters engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

By investing in the well-being and growth of your agents, we enable them to provide extraordinary service.

Customised Processes and Training

We understand that every contact centre is unique, with specific requirements and objectives. That's why we customise our processes and training programs to align with your business goals.

We develop tailored training modules that enhance the skills of your agents, empowering them to deliver exceptional customer service.

Reporting and Performance Management

We emphasise a performance-driven culture and continuous improvement. Our reporting mechanisms provide real-time insights into key performance metrics, enabling you to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your contact centre operations.

We work closely with you to set targets, provide feedback, and drive excellence in customer service delivery.

Recruitment Services

Combining perfectly matched talent with innovative recruitment solutions delivered with energy, passion & the human touch is what we do. We specialise in temporary employment solutions, independent contractors and permanent employment solutions with the support of our highly skilled team, advanced analytics and a unique profiling methodology to ensure we match top performers in the current environment, enhancing retention and speeding up the hiring process.

Our services extend beyond placement; we form a partnership with our clients. This partnership is built on a deep understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities within these sectors.

We tailor our recruitment solutions to align with your specific business objectives and cultural ethos.

Advanced Analytics in Recruitment

At EAWP, we harness advanced analytics to drive our recruitment process, aiming for a 100% fill rate by meticulously measuring ratios. This data-driven approach ensures precision and quality in our candidate placements.

Customised Recruitment Processes

Our ability to customise recruitment and delivery processes sets us apart. We provide a unique project team for each client, incorporating specific strategies such as roleplaying, verifications, innovative matching methods, and aligning assessments to ensure a perfect fit for every role.

Specialised Risk Management Software

Our unique Risk Management Software 'Click & Check' and specialised Risk Division, including a Debt Management Programme, exceed compliance risk requirements. This software is instrumental in managing our clients' risk, ensuring that all compliance needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

Unique Profiling Methodology

Our unique profiling methodology is tailored to match top performers perfectly with market environments. This technique enhances both retention rates and the speed of the hiring process, making us a leader in efficient talent acquisition.

Access to Extensive CRM System

AWP offers access to a comprehensive CRM system with an accumulation of pre-vetted candidates. Each candidate undergoes thorough interviews, risk checks, and skills assessments, ensuring we provide access to top talent through multiple integrated channels.

Stakeholder Relationships

We pride ourselves on securing solid relationships with stakeholders and internal clients, a key factor in our delivery of excellent operational results. These strong connections underscore our commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs of each client.

Experienced Recruitment & Management Team

With an average tenure of over seven years, our Recruitment and Management Team brings retained intellectual property and shared industry expertise to every project. This experience is invaluable in understanding and navigating the recruitment landscape.

Innovative Recruitment Solutions

We provide unique, innovative temporary employment services in line with legislation including temporary replacement of permanent employees, temporary increases in the volume of work, training and skills development using a temp-to-perm model, and job creation programs.

Our award-winning absenteeism solution and skills program addresses the financial services skills shortage in the market.

Our optimisation model sources talent from the market with sales or customer service experience and provides them with the necessary insurance experience, FAIS Credits and the potential for a qualification.

This program has significantly impacted on our client’s bottom line by providing an absenteeism solution, resulting in an initial 59% drop in attrition and reducing recruitment time from 60 days to 0 within 3 months.

Our TES-conversion journey is a customised process that includes induction and training, product training, incubator period and competency development phase, performance enhancement plan, performance management, and performance review.

Sourcing and Screening

We employ a rigorous process to identify candidates who not only meet the required skill set but also fit your company culture.

Face-to-Face and Virtual Recruitment

Adapting to modern needs, we offer both in-person and virtual recruitment solutions, ensuring a personal touch in every interaction.

Pipeline Recruitment

Anticipating your future needs, we create a talent pipeline that ensures business continuity and strategic foresight.

Skills Training

We invest in upskilling candidates, making them ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Risk Management

Our comprehensive risk assessment covers all bases, from credit to criminal checks, ensuring compliance and safety.


Our unique profiling methodology matches candidates' soft skills with your company’s ethos.


Our onboarding process is streamlined for efficiency, encompassing everything from induction to compliance.

Multiskilled Absenteeism Solution

We tackle absenteeism proactively, ensuring your operations are always at full strength.

Advanced & Customised Reports & Analytics

Offering deep insights for informed decision-making.

Contractor Management

Divided into HR, IR, and Payroll, this segment ensures holistic management of contractual staff, from appointments to conflict resolution.

Training Academy

Our SETA accredited EAW Training Academy is at the forefront of corporate training, offering 'leading and current' programs using state-of-the-art technology.

Specialising in virtual sales and soft skills enablement, the academy represents the pinnacle of modern, digital training methodologies.Our ongoing vision is to create a future sourcing pool of skilled and experienced talent for our clients to select from.

Digitisation and 'Train The Trainer' Programs

EAW Training Academy has embraced the digitisation of training, launching comprehensive 'Train the Trainer' programs on behalf of our clients.

This initiative enhances the skills of our temporary workforce as well as project staff, addresses skill gaps to facilitate a streamlined onboarding process, and ensures a ready pool of skilled and experienced talent.

Training Services and Capabilities

Dedicated Trainer for Comprehensive Training

Our academy features dedicated trainers who provide extensive training across various domains, including product knowledge, system operations, and soft skills.

Ongoing Multiskilling of Resources

We focus on continuously enhancing and diversifying the skill sets of our resources, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet diverse industry demands.

Online Coaching and Training Technology

Utilising advanced online coaching and training technology, the academy delivers interactive and impactful learning experiences.

Skills Programmes for Addressing Shortages

Our skills programs are specifically designed to target and remedy skills shortages in the market, making our workforce industry-ready.

Digital Testing & Automated Scoring

Leveraging digital tools for testing and scoring, we ensure objective and efficient assessment of competencies.

Competence Measurement & Skills Development

Our programs are designed to measure competence accurately and foster continuous skills development.

Customised Soft Skills Training

Recognising the importance of soft skills, we offer customised training programs to enhance interpersonal and professional abilities.

Scenario-Based Role Plays

To provide practical, real-world training, we incorporate scenario-based role plays in our curriculum.

Multiskilled Talent Development

Our focus on developing multiskilled talent ensures a versatile and adaptable workforce.