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Experts at what we do

Our minimum is way above average

We have a "send one candidate, place one candidate" philosophy; this will benefit both our valuable Clients and Candidates. Both will benefit from our Energy at Work superior service excellence.

Permanent Appointments

Energy at Work sources perm candidates using South Africa's largest media sources, while assessing candidates using industry leading methods and technology, focused on delivering the best possible candidates to our valued clients.

Contract / Flexi Employment

Energy at Work has bent over backwards to understand and offer solutions to the change in Flexi/Contract employment legislation.

We remain committed to supporting the lingering flexible staff requirements i.e. maternity leave, seasonal requirements and projects etc. of your business.

Outsourced Solutions

Outsourcing offers the exacting benefits of our Contract/flexi employment but with management representation on-site to deal with end-to-end business requirements. This includes:

  • Industrial Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll Services
  • Recruitment
  • Performance Management

Outsourcing makes sense from many angles and has proven time and again to be the most cost effective way to tackle short to medium term projects. Partner with Energy at Work to realize the benefits.

To stay in touch regarding opportunities at Energy at Work remember to stay connected via Facebook, Twitter, our Blog or simply give us a call: 011 793 6780

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