The EAW Guide to surviving the Office Party

The end of year is almost here, you have come this far. Don't let the wheels come off now. Follow these 5 guidelines to make sure that you leave your office party with your job, integrity and dignity intact:

  1. Don’tskip the annual Office Party. Not only is it an opportunity to network and form alliances, your company went to a lot of trouble and expense. Put on a brave face and see it as an opportunity. You don’t need to be the Life of the party but you do need to be seen.
  2. Apart from the obvious reasons why you should go slowly with the drinks, you want to make sure that your colleagues don't lose respect for you and that you don't jeopardise your career. Overdoing it is the primary reason for embarrassing behaviour that can land you in hot water.
  3. The last thing you need is a sexual harassment case or embarrassing office rumours. This happens more than you know, and maintaining professional distance is the exact behaviour your boss is looking for when thinking about your next promotion.
  4. No matter how gorgeous you think your colleague is, office romances are a minefield of problems. But if you absolutely must, make your move away from the office and your colleagues. You might need to think of finding a new job but love is love.
  5. Be professional, have fun and if you don't like your job - the annual office party isn't the place to show it.

Year-end parties are the perfect opportunity to get to know your team and forge important partnerships. Don't ruin your career or reputation by losing it at the end of year party. There is plenty of fun to be had with friends and family over the holidays.