Party guidelines to survive the annual holiday celebrations

Year-end party season is upon us! Everyone loves a good party but not all parties are created equal and not all parties require the same gusto. Here is a quick guide to enjoying your holiday get-togethers without losing your shining reputation or your cool. Remember in today’s world, what you do on Facebook can affect your career - so here are a few tips to keep your career safe this festive season.

Work Party

Some people look forward to their annual work party and some people dread it. Although the same can be said for many holiday occasions like dinner at the in-laws, the annual year-end party requires a little more care and finesse. You don't want to be immortalised as the guy who grabbed the boss’s wife or the girl who got too carried away that someone had to make sure she wasn’t driving. It's important to go to the event and have fun but make sure that your rein it in a little so that you don't jeopardise your promotion or the respect of your colleagues.

Social Party

Year-end parties with friends are the best place to let your hair down and celebrate the holiday downtime. Join in the cheer by bringing lots of supplies and your dancing shoes. Having fun is a prerequisite, drunken texting is forbidden (there are some awesome new apps to help with this) and good friends are an essential. Remember though, that if you are in the job-hunting market then your next interview may just check up on your holiday Facebook status before offering you the job.

Family Party

Much like work parties, family parties can go both ways. You could be looking forward to it, but on the flipside you might be dreading the silence of an awkward family dinner while you try to figure out which cutlery to use for which course. Other dampers include, major family squabbles, in-laws who you are sure have put a hit out on you, annoying relatives that don't keep their hands to themselves or don't know when to stop talking. Whatever your circumstances are, put on a brave face, stay calm and remember that you didn't choose your family and neither did your partner.

No matter which parties you attend these holiday, make sure that you stay safe and don't drink and drive. Silly season is here and there is no excuse for not relaxing and enjoying the holiday atmosphere. We at EAW wish you the most festive holiday season, and we cannot wait to work with you all in 2015!