How to retain staff over the holidays

With the holiday season around the corner, many businesses are already feeling the heat when it comes to getting things done in time and preparing for year-end tasks.

Since it's a proven fact that the holiday period poses the highest risk for staff deciding to resign, here are six tips to help you end the year off on a high note: 

Manage expectations

If your businesses will not be in a position to pay bonuses then let your team know well in advance. Then find ways to remedy the situation by arranging to pay on their birthdays or compensating them in other ways. Perhaps extra time off or similar perks. 

Avoid disaster

While the annual year end function is the perfect opportunity for staff to let their hair down, have some fun and bond it's also the perfect opportunity for things to go wrong. Disastrous parties are a very common cause of resignations. Inappropriate comments and bad behaviour can leave people feeling violated and force you take disciplinary action. To avoid disaster, plan something that won't get out of hand but still offers plenty of fun. Encourage responsible alcohol consumption and arrange lifts to ensure that no one drives under the influence. 

End on a high note

Since the free time over the holidays allows plenty of time to think about their career and their future, make sure that they leave feeling like they have the best job, a bright future and are appreciated. This minimises the chances of them opting for a change. 

Prevention is better than cure

Where possible, try to close the office completely over the holidays. Nothing sours a relationship like sitting in a deserted office alone with nothing going on just so that someone is there in case the phone rings. If it's not possible to close, make sure those who are left behind know that their service is appreciated and they will be rewarded accordingly. This will help keep them from doing job hunting while they sit alone in the office over the holidays. 

Look to the future

Make sure that the plans for the coming year a well known and positive. This keeps things optimistic and means that people have something to look forward to on their return. 

Stick to promises

Make sure that any promises made are kept and if in doubt, rather under promise and over deliver. Nothing breaks and employees spirit like empty promises. 

Sometimes losing staff can be helped as employees decide to move on for many reasons. In that case call EAW today: 011 793 6780 and we will find the perfect candidate for the role.