How to leave your old job with panache

It's never easy to resign and leave a job, even if it is because of negative reasons. Leaving behind colleagues who have become friends and the security of your daily routine can make it even more difficult.

Here are 6 ways to ease the process and ensure that you don't burn any bridges: 

Stick to your contract and office rules

Make sure that you stick to the resignation procedures laid out in your employment contract. This will ensure that everything runs according to plan and protects both parties. 

Offer to train your replacement

To ease the change and minimise disruption, offer to your replacement get-up-to- speed. 

Do a proper handover

Prepare a thorough handover, making sure to include the things you have done and the things that haven't come to a close yet.   

Be respectful

Nothing sours a relationship like leaving your old company in the lurch with loads of unfinished tasks. No matter how much you may have hated your old job, leave knowing you did your best. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all - Despite your true feeling about your old job and the people you worked with, rather keep your thoughts to yourself. 

Discuss your exit strategy

Sit down with your manager and agree on how things should end and expectations around the process. 

Don't gloat

Stay modest and don't brag about your new job. Rather keep details to a minimum and ensure that you keep up your deliverables. 

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