Do you think it's time for you to boss-up?

Everyone has days when they think it's time they knock their boss of their pedestal and show him or her how it should be done. This is especially true for toxic bosses, but what about understanding where your boss comes from and cutting him or her a little slack.

Here are some of the overlooked stressors that bosses have to deal with. 

Who is Accountable

When business is bad, even if the economy as a whole is slow, it's your boss who is under pressure to explain as to why his team isn't performing and in many instances it's the boss who will be replaced. Does “Under New Management” sound familiar? 

A good boss makes his / her job look easy

Being the boss comes as a result of perseverance, consistency and proven ability. It's the boss’s job to chart the course for the business and plan the work that needs to be done to ensure that company remains profitable. It usually involves loads of meetings, intense corporate politics and behind the scenes graft that you probably don't see or even know about.

Whilst running the business, the boss has to keep morale-up and ensure a pleasant company-culture atmosphere.  There is often a hidden stress behind his/her smile and morning greeting, as they understand it is a responsibility that they solely must own. 

Know your limitations and capabilities

There is so much  information in the media encouraging people to start their own business. The truth is that  not everyone is an entrepreneur.  It takes a team to make a business work. The best employee may be as valuable as the best boss, the dynamic between them is invaluable, so don’t sell yourself short just because you don’t own it all. We all have different strengths. Having a supportive boss and you been supportive to your boss makes a successful combination to make a company survive. 

Admin overload

Being a boss requires hours of admin. Making sure that everyone's tax is taken care of, SARS is up-to-date, that cash flow is sufficient to pay the bills, the team's leave is managed and problem employees are dealt with. Imagine being held responsible for the performance of a team, often being held to account for things that might be out of your control. It is important it is to have competent staff that are supportive to the company as a whole. 

The world on your shoulders

Bosses know that their decisions and the profitability of the operation is what pays the company's bills and your bills. They have taken the reasonability of making sound decision- making to ensure that employee’s have a job tomorrow. Imagine the stress of having that responsibility at the back of your mind everyday and with every decision you must make.

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