Creating Balance between Career & Life

Finding a balance between work & life is one of the most commons issues faced by professionals today.

In many instances career climbers are confronted with advancing their careers by putting in long hours but at the expense of a social/non-profit based activity.

Getting this balance wrong can cause numerous social issues, including high stress levels, strained relationships; further the pressure can reduce work efficiency & quality too.

We at EAW are energetic about getting the best for and out of our candidates so here are our 5 top tips to creating the balance in your work/personal life and to work as productively in your role as possible such that you do not incur unneeded extra hours. 


It may sound simple but without a defined list of activities in order of importance it is easy to get distracted. This often leads to unimportant tasks being completed before the essentials and this then has a knock on effect that requires longer hours or having to take work home. With correct prioritization you can leave the office knowing that the most important work is done and that the business can accurately view you as being reliable. 

TIP: Make your priority list for the next day before you leave so you can leave the office at the office and focus 100% on relaxing guilt-free. 

Go all-in, one task at a time

Although this is a poker term, we all understand the concept. Going all-in means giving it your all, including your attention so do not multitask. Work through your list of priorities and manage your time with discipline so that each task can be completed before the next. This way you will focus on achieving the best result without compromising on time, quality or priorities.

TIP: There are many strategies that could help in this regard i.e. turn off automatic emails. Without this distraction you will be amazed how easy it is to stay focused on the task at hand. It is also important to recognize the value of each task, do not waste huge amounts of time seeking absolute perfection, unless the task requires such. If possible remove yourself from from interuptions - go to a place that you will not be disturbed (at all times ensuring that you focus on time management) 

Take office breaks

This may sound counterintuitive but planning a break or two in your work day will help recharge the batteries and get your ready for the next task at hand. After accomplishing a task reward yourself with a little luxury: go get a coffee, take a short walk and get your eyes away from the computer. Without actively planning these breaks you may fatigue by the afternoon, and waste 3pm-5pm.

TIP: Schedule these breaks into your diary and make the reward something worth working for. It’s a personal incentive but it works wonders. Some of our staff take quick-exercise breaks; 10 push-ups & a stroll to get the blood circulating and some fresh air for the next task. 

Make Distraction Cuts

We all waste time. Imagine your productivity if you could eliminate Facebook, watching TV or surfing the net? This applies to both your work and family life. Why are you checking Facebook first thing in the morning when you know that it is your most productive time? Positive remembrance of knowledge of self, is liberating from being your own worst enemy. Why not PVR the soccer match to spend time playing with your kids, and watch the game later once the children are tucked in? These minor changes to time-wasting will give you ample free time to accomplish all your daily goals. Remember discipline is not restrictive, it is a focus that liberates your potential.

TIP: Identify the areas of distraction in your life and put a post-it note on the item to visually remind yourself where you wish to invest your time. Sometimes this is all we need to avoid unknowingly falling back into an old routine. 

Learn to say “No”

Finally our last tip is the art of turning things away. If you are honest with yourself you know that sometimes you take on too much. Be it at home or at the office; it can be important to say no. Explanations are easy if you emphasize that the reason for the response is to achieve existing goals at 100% efficiency and productivity.

If you know a colleague needs help, be honest about your schedule; inform them that you are busy with priority-tasks & if they can wait then you can help them out later.

Otherwise, be honest in saying that you are too busy to take more on, this will aid both parties; they know not to wait around and that they must make alternative plans & you avoid taking on responsibilities that you cannot afford.

TIP: The first step is have defined working hours (as much as possible, we all know this is not always possible). Creating the time limit on work & scheduled time for fun and family will help you gauge how much you can take on. 

There you have it, EAW’s  top 5 tips to creating the perfect work/life balance that should see you accomplish business goals that impress the boss, keeps your family happy and makes you relaxed around the social activities on the weekend.  After all, everyone is important and climbing the career ladder should absolutely benefit your family too.