In the market for a job in finance or insurance?

Here is a handy checklist of requirements for candidates looking for a position in finance and insurance.

Without these critical elements it's impossible to work in either of these sectors:

  • ITC check - being blacklisted makes it impossible to work in finance or insurance. Make sure that you pay your accounts and don't land yourself in hot water by overextending yourself. To find out about your credit rating contact ITC
  • Criminal record - if you have a criminal record you won't be able to find employment in insurance or finance. In fact, many large employers in other sectors share the same sentiment. A common way that people get a criminal record is by drinking and driving. Never drink and drive and obey the law.
  • FAIS - The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Division is responsible for the regulation of Financial Service Providers (“FSPs”) to ensure a sound financial investment environment in South Africa. You must have a current FAIS accreditation to work in the finance and insurance sector. To find out more visit the FSB
  • Matric certificate - It has become an absolute necessity for recruiters and prospective employers to verify the validity of all certificates, degrees and diplomas because of widespread fraud and forgery. The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) can help you get your matric and qualifications verified for both employment and academic purposes.

Get a jump on finding your dream job by making sure you have these four areas covered. Call EAW today: 011 793 6780 to find a job in the finance and insurance sectors.