Are you up-to-date with the new Labour Legislation?

There has been quite a bit in the news of late about how Labour Legislation is evolving. New doors have been opened for people wanting to come to South Africa with critical skills while temporary employees are becoming far more protected.

Here are two new bits of legislation that you should know about: 

New laws for temporary employees

According to new legislation, temporary employees must be treated as permanent workers after three consecutive months of service with equal benefits and conditions as enjoyed by permanently employed workers. The change aims to protect contract and low-income employees, especially workers employed by Labour Brokers who often do not have access to social benefits like retirement funds. 

New requirements for work permits

According to South Africa’s new Immigration Regulations, the quota work permit category has been replaced by the critical skills work visa. Existing quota work permit holders expecting to renew their permits will no longer be able to do so. There is also no guarantee that you will qualify for the critical skills permit and renewal will depend on whether your skills, qualifications and experience fall within the new categories identified in the critical skills list.

The good news is that the new critical skills visa recognises those professional who hold the required qualification and experience. If the applicant has 5 years applicable experience in the role (from anywhere in the world) they can instantly apply for permanent residency. The good news is that you no longer need a job offer to apply for residency under the new Critical Skills work visa. If you qualify, you have 12 months to find employment. 

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