Successfully Navigating an Office Romance

Love is in the air but don't let an office romance put your career in jeopardy - Given the large amount of time we spend at work with colleagues, not to mention that in many instances the careers we choose are a reflection of our personality and interests. With all these elements combined, it is not uncommon for people to meet the love of their Life in the last place you would expect, the office. Perhaps, you offered or received something sweet for Valentine’s Day…

What does your employment contract and office policy say about office romance? Some companies have very strict policies against it while others turn a blind eye as long as it doesn't negatively affect your work. If it comes to it, you or your partner might have to find a new job? Some companies only allow one partner to stay. It might also be the best way to keep things professional and avoid any awkwardness.

It takes two to tango and some duos just don't work. Think carefully before your embark on a passionate romance with your manager or another senior person. Be prepared for office gossip. Jealousy makes people nasty and office gossip can turn ugly so do your best to keep your relationship under wraps. However, it might be a good idea to tell your manager and assure her that it won't impact your performance.

Discretion is key. Keep your romance out of the office so that it has the opportunity to flourish away from prying eyes. Don't become the office rolodex. The last thing you want is a reputation for letting everyone have a spin. Not only will it make your colleagues loose respect for you, it will leave a trail of broken hearts and embarrassment.

It is possible to find love at work. It is also possible to fall out of love with your job. We at EAW believe that you should be happy at work and our track record proves that we make excellent placements. If you need to make a job change so that you can fall in love with your career again call EAW today: 011 793 6780.