Energy, Passion and the Human Touch

A Passionate & Driven team

Energy at Work is different to any other company you have ever worked with

We collaborate with our clients in order for us to establish an extensive understanding of your corporate culture, talent requirements and skills shortage.

This enables Energy at Work to partner with our clients to drive maximum performance and align ourselves to their visions and strategies.

Our ability to source nationally and align ourselves with global partners sets us apart.

We deliver through multiple employment models:

Energy at Work offer support services to all employment models ensuring smooth consistent results. Some of these support services include Human Resources, Specialized Talent Sourcing, Industrial Relations, and Payroll & Administration Services.

We have widespread experience in dealing with corporate organizations in the following sectors:

  • Banks
  • Financial services
  • Insurance giants
  • Technology leaders
  • Global consulting firms
  • Outsourcing providers

If you don't believe how well we work and how Energy at Work can change your business for the better, then take a look at our testimonials page. If your mind is made up, then contact Energy at Work today on 011 793 6780 – our service levels will blow your mind. #Promise

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