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Energy At Work Projects

Energy At Work Projects was founded in 2018 in response to a growing need for reliable solutions that overcome legislative obstacles and industry-specific demands.We began as a division within Energy At Work. After three years, our exponential growth called for additional resources and justified segregating our services, making Energy At Work Projects a separate entity.   

Today, Energy At Work Projects is a B-BBEE Level 4, 26% black-owned subsidiary of Energy At Work. We are led by Christie Christie Liron (née Swanepoel), founding Chief Executive Officer, and Faheema Shaik, Company Legislative Manager. Christie is also the founder and CEO of our holding company Energy At Work (Pty) Ltd. She has a wealth of experience gained over 20 years in personnel services and holds exceptional knowledge of the financial services sector in particular. Faheema joins Christie in heading Energy at Projects with her outstanding aptitude for business finance and acute awareness of the legislative landscape. 

Our solutions are high-level, customised, innovative, cost-effective and quick to deploy. We provide qualified specialist IP resources as a managed service to deliver on your objectives. All of our services include analytic reports that drill down to the finest details to monitor progress and success.  We believe in applying intelligence to our unique delivery. Backed by the experience and expertise of our parent company, we have demonstrated success in running integral projects on behalf of some of South Africa’s our most prominent banks and Insurance institutions. 

We drive performance-based partnerships through complete outsourced services and projects with definitive deliverables that meet our clients’ project resource and compliance needs.

Scalable Resource Solutions

We have created a range of solutions with distinct operating models that are highly scalable, adapt to your specific project requirements, and deliver exceptional results!

Our flexible outsourced solutions cater to on-going, short-term and medium-term projects to address your business needs at any given time.

  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Training Partners
  • Field Marketers: Face to Face brand interaction.
  • Lead Generation: outbound call centres
  • Sales Agents placed in branches, retail outlets, and other satellite environments.
  • Full Suite Customer Service Centre Staff
  • Promotions & Brand Activations

Managed Project Services

We aim to help you reduce costs and save time with our various outsourced solutions.

This model is an engaged partnership agreement in which we secure and allocate our resources to your project, mitigating your risks. We manage critical labour processes on your behalf while you maintain daily operational control.   

With each project that we undertake, we provide:

  • Project managers
  • Account managers
  • Workforce management
  • Sales team and service managers
  • Team leaders & coaches
  • An industrial relations manager
  • Analytics

Real-time Workforce Management

We  manage all service levels with hourly and daily monitoring of all outputs, such as quality assurance, and average call handling time, to name a few. This includes attendance management through our custom-built online digital attendance monitoring system which is installed at your premises.

Our cloud-based workforce management system provides accurate payroll data, timesheet management, schedule management, and trend analysis as an end-to-end streamlined process in real-time.  

Data-Driven Recommendations and Reporting

We provide detailed reports and analytics that support the operations of various stakeholders throughout your business such as training, quality assurance, workforce, risk, procurement, change specialists, relationship managers and the executive committee.

The data is presented through customised dashboards at an executive level, allowing you to track our delivery at all time.

Energy Academy Skills Program

We help our clients source the skills they need for success with our shared business model. The Energy Academy is an accredited training programme, established by our parent company, which qualifies work-ready candidates for the industry.

Apso Accreditation - We are a registered member with Apso as a Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisation since 2007

Financial Services - Using our keen insight into the unique requirements of this sector, we have created a solution which ensures that all stringent compliance obligations are met and risks are mitigated. Our clients receive a fully managed service with the assurance that a skilled, qualified and verified team will uphold their output and SLA targets. This forms part of our internal employment equity initiatives which include:

  • An “inclusion and diversification committee” comprising representatives in equal proportion to all the demographic groups within our organisation. 
  • A skills development programme supported by formal and informal training, knowledge sharing and mentorship.
  • An Enterprise Development programme in which we have an SME beneficiary that receives support in growing their business
  • A community care programme in which the Energy at Work Projects team donates time by volunteering to assist “Fred and Martie’s Soup Kitchen” based in Florida.  

Optimisation Model - Project Alpha

You don’t have to suffer the adverse effects of absenteeism. We fill and manage empty seats ensuring your service levels remain intact. Our unique solution analyses historical data to forecast absenteeism, allowing us to proactively deploy additional staff to fill gaps on a particular day. We manage these resources on your behalf so that you can focus on your core business. This solution is especially well-suited to the financial services sector where call centre agents are required to pass a multitude of verification checks, have adequate training, and a solid understanding of financial service to work in this sector.

Alpha Agents

Highly trained, multi-skilled agents who can fulfil the duties of any role needed. They are booked in daily to service any seats as required. 

Alpha agents are available at short notice and are drawn from our exceptional database of talent.

Omega Agents

Enrolled alumni of our accredited skills programme equipped with work readiness, financial guidance, specifics of call centre and customer services skills.  

Omega agents are called on when there is an influx of calls or unexpected absenteeism. They receive valuable, hands-on work experience while delivering on the client’s customer service needs.

Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Compliance

tickbox logo

Every person that registers with us undergoes a thorough risk assessment so that we don’t waste our clients’ or candidates’ time. This allows us to acquire qualified, verified personnel faster, complementing our rapid deployment model.

Tickbox – Sister Company to EAW - We use Tickbox, a verification tool which delivers the fastest background checks in the industry. The system captures personal details and runs over forty verification checks simultaneously. The information is securely stored, and re-verification checks can be run at any time without disrupting productivity.

Advanced Profiling - We use a sophisticated assessment tool to match the underlying qualities and soft-skills that work best in your environment. Over and above our in-depth recruitment process, our assessment tool identifies critical personality traits, characteristics, beliefs, and behaviours which match those of your highest achievers.

The Benefits of Choosing Energy At Work Projects

  • Finalists 2018 CCMG as external Vendor – 4 models pioneered by ourselves.
  • We are an energetic team of driven individuals equipped with the industry know-how and resources to help you overcome your business challenges.  
  • We provide an accountable, self-managed service that mitigates your risks and increases output.
  • We promote an entrepreneurial organisation structure which translates to swifter, agile decision making throughout our company for our client’s benefit.
  • Our solutions are rapidly deployed, scalable that adapt to any environment and operational objectives.
  • We have worked with some of the biggest names in the financial services sector from South Africa’s leading banks to insurance giants.
  • We have a pioneering spirit. We pride ourselves on the innovative methodologies, software tools and operation models that we have introduced to the industry by and large.  
  • Unmatched, in-house intelligence. Over the years we have gained significant industry insights and as such we retain unparalleled intellectual property that is applied to all of our propriety solutions .