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Bespoke Risk Profile Checks

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Protect your business from risk with detailed industry relevant industry related screening and verification checks for complete compliance. 

We use Tickbox; an in-depth pre-employment risk assessment tool runs over 40 verification checks at the click of a button, ensuring that candidates meet all the checks and balances to work in your industry before shortlisting!

What’s more is that Tickbox is backed by Vault Technology, securing employee profiles in the Tickbox vault forever. Allowing us to catalogue the profiles of all your employees and easily run re-verification at any time, without disrupting productivity.

Here are just a few of the checks we can run instantly:

  • FAIS Regulations
  • ITC checks
  • Criminal record
  • Matric/degree qualifications
  • Credit Checks
  • ID Verification
  • Permanent Residence
  • Drivers licenses
  • CCMA Claims

The Benefits Are Outstanding

Single Vendor: Save time and have complete peace of mind a single, reliable vendor manages all your required checks and balances.

One comprehensive report: Because Tickbox has direct access to over 40 verification checks, you receive all the information that you need in one, detailed report.

On-site verification: In under 30 minutes, Tickbox performs on-site verification checks and stores employee profiles to the company vault for safekeeping and convenient re-assessment.

Automated and regular re-verification: You’ll never need to interrupt your workforce again. Tickbox stores employee profiles and can rerun checks as and when you when desire. This makes it easy to run regular re-verification checks and maintain your records.

All of our candidates are pre-screened using Tickbox’s comprehensive service. Set up an appointment, to arrange swift employee verification checks conveniently onsite.