Energy at Work

Making Your Career Dreams Come True

We care about you; who you are and your goals -both personally and professionally. We take great care to learn about your personality, culture and ideal career path because we want to pair your individuality with a corporate culture where you can thrive. At EAW, we believe that we serve two clients: our candidates and companies. It’s equally as important to us both find satisfaction from our placements, for long-term success.

What is your dream job? Sign-up with EAW and we’ll do everything we can to help you get there.

Energy at Work Candidate Benefits

Career-long relationships - Once you are part of the EAW team, we’re with you for life.

Taking care of your best interests - We will provide strategic, flexible employment while finding the perfect permanent position.

Reach your full potential - We invest in you! We provide a comprehensive skills programme, training and mentorship to help you reach your goals.

Expert guidance - Beyond equipping you with more on-the-job skills, we help to refine your soft skills so that you can get the most out of every opportunity.

Working with the best - We choose our clients as carefully as we choose our candidates, ensuring that you are only placed in environments where you can thrive.

We Don’t Waste Time or Opportunities

Everybody’s time is precious, so we waste none of it when selecting the perfect candidate-company fit.

We equally understand the employer and employee needs so that we can make the right connection from the first interview.

Our corporate clients are aware of our process, so rest assured that interviews are guaranteed when you are selected.