Energy at Work

Testimonials - What our Clients have to say

Bayport Financial Services

Energy at Work has been supplying staffing services to Bayport Financial Services Cellular Sales Call Centre since August 2010. We needed an innovative 'break the mould' that spoke to our specific business needs and we found a partner in Energy at Work. After testing various solutions, supported by business cases, we identified an appropriate model and found sales per person increase dramatically for new recruits in the first 3 months.

The business benefit of seeing a seat more productive in the initial period was significant in that our turn-over and cost of sale improved. The model was a complete revolution for Bayport, hence the extensive testing, consultation and inventiveness required to identify the solution. Energy at Work is always willing to accommodate and re-look the solution in line with changing business needs as well as ongoing performance improvement and cost reduction. The flexibility and client orientation has been strong even though at times it has also tested the partnership. Bayport will continue to seek innovation and cost efficiency in it's staffing space.